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Radar LARB


Nerval’s Lobster (part of the “Self-Help for Surrealists” series) by Mark Dery

Why I Write by Susan Orlean

Reconsidering American Psycho by Samuel Carlisle

G-Rated Moments of Swoon by Stephanie Lucianovic

The Christopher Dorner Complex by Matthew Cunningham-Cook

Don’t Be a Stranger: The Web used to be for strangers by Adrien Chen

Henry Darger’s 1,500-Page Novel

Trop Magazine is having a commencement address contest!

There’s already a book about Dorner? Jesus.

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    Nah, just an article, but I’m sure a book has already been banged out & is on it’s way to a publisher.
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    There’s already a book about Dorner? Jesus.
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